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Our Alpacas: Wren and Musette

  • Sedona, We lost Sedona in June 2023
  • Wren, Suri Alpaca, born 2012 is Bay Black
  • Musette, Suri Alpaca born 2017 is Light Fawn

Wren, Sedona and Musette are a wonderful addition to our small animals. They happily guard our chickens and put smiles on our faces. We love hearing their soft voices and seeing their floppy bangs. Lisa is looking forward to shearing them and creating a lovely weaving from their very soft fleece. We are extremely thankful to Karen and Dave from Symphony Fibers in Kiowa, CO (, for donating these lovely alpaca ladies to us!

Alpacas - Wren, Sedona and Musette


Our Goats: Butter and Cream

BABY GOATS! Even though they are no longer babies, they will always be our baby goats. Butter and Cream were born in early 2021 and donated to us by the daughter of a caregiver of one of our clients. She bred them as a 4 H project and we were blessed by her endeavors. Butter and Cream are brothers and so much fun! They love getting goat treats and they know they need to jump on their spool to get their treats. Sweet Cream will even take a treat from your lips! Who doesn’t want to kiss a baby goat? They love taking walks and dried leaves and pine needles are their potato chips!


Our Rabbits: Bunny Rose and Bunny Violet

Rose is our Bunny! She is a lop-eared rabbit and was born in early 2021. She lives in the first stall in our arena A barn. She loves being petted and held but is not fond of being picked up. She has been a foster mom to several of our kittens and like many mothers finds that teenagers don’t listen very well!
Violet is a lion head/lop ear cross bunny.  She was born in early 2022 and adopted from the Dumb Friends League to be a companion for Rose.  Violet loves to snuggle and her favorite food is lettuce!
Bunny Rose
Bunny Violet


Our Sheep:
Dolly Parton and Dahli Lamba

Meet Dolly Parton (pink nose) and Dalai Lama (black nose). Our little lambs… They have been at the ranch for many years and had been very skittish until the Fall of 2021 when we began working to socialize them. In the Winter of 2022 when they were sheared early to look stylish for our first ever

petting zoo and had to move into a stall in Arena A to stay warm. This allowed us to be in frequent close contact with them and they soon learned to trust us and enjoy affectionate touches. They have moved back to the sheep pen, but now have more room to roam as their pen was joined with the goats. Our volunteer coordinator, Lisa is learning to spin and weave using their wool!


Our Kittens:
Deputy, Duke, and Dutch 

These three little kittens were born in May of 2022. Deputy hitched a ride home with Lisa in her wheel well and was found mewing in her garage. Soon after Duke and Dutch were found in the hay barn and barn B, respectively. They were still small enough to need replacement milk and spent their days in the office and their nights with Caitie, our director’s daughter. They soon became the darlings of the ranch with regular visits from staff, volunteers and clients which has led to very social and affectionate kitties. They work hard to keep mice out of the office which is much appreciated!





Polka Dot 

Polka Dot is a tabby kitten who was rescued in September of 2022 after being abandoned with her siblings Lizzy and Pancake.  We think she was about 5 weeks old.  She has changed from being very scared of people to being super snuggly!  She is very brave and loves to chase the big cats around the office.  When she is big enough she will move to Barn B to keep the mice under control.  For now she loves to hang out with Mary Beth in her office and assist with all work done on the computer!

Our Kittens: Dutch, Deputy and Duke

Polka Dot


Our Chickens and Duck

We have a bunch of chickens and one duck!  The duck is patiently awaiting the building of our pond to take place.  Stay tuned! 
We sell our farm fresh chicken eggs.  One dozen is $4 and 18 eggs cost $6.  All proceeds from egg sales go to volunteer appreciation events.